6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Sports at CJH

Winter I Registration will be OPEN 10/3/22 - 11/4/22
The Winter I Season begins OCTOBER 31!
       Boys Basketball (8th grade)
       Girls Soccer (6th, 7th, & 8th grade)

STEPS for Online Registration

  1. Use this link:    InTouch Registration Link

  2. Log in under a parent account with: “1st Time Users” or “Returning Users."

    • Use your Skyward/Family Access User ID & Password.

  3. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT (under “For Guest Users…” )

  4. Select your Curtis Junior High 8th-grade Student

  5. Select “Register for Athletics and Activities”

  6. Complete ALL STEPS & Sign all forms listed in the registration.

    1. Athletic Registration Form

    2. Emergency Information Form

    3. Sports Physical Upload: We must have documentation of a current sports physical.  It must state that (1)your student is cleared for full participation in sports/physical activities and (2)be signed/dated by the doctor. Most doctors have their own form, but here is a link to our Generic Sports Physical Form, if needed. Students may NOT participate until a current sports physical is uploaded

    4. ASB card purchase: $25, also available for purchase through InTouch.

    5. Complete and submit any additional forms added before each season.


    First Day Information

    • CJH athletes may bring athletic bags to the gym at 7:20am.  The P.E. teachers have a locked room to store these items.  Students may ask their coaches about using an athletics locker if needed.

    • CJH classes end at 2pm. 8th grade students may suit-up in the locker rooms located in the gym.

    • 8th Grade Boys Basketball players will meet Coach Evans in the Gym by 2:10.  Tryouts will take place October 31- November 4th.

    • 8th Grade Girls Soccer players will meet Coach Brambilla by 2:10 at the lower Colgate Field behind the Tennis Courts.

    • 6th & 7th Grade Girls Soccer players will ride a bus to CJH when Intermediate classes end at 3:15.

    Regular Season Information

    • Interest meetings are usually held before the season begins.  Upcoming meetings will be mentioned during the daily announcements in 5th period classes.  

    • Online Registration for each season will open 3 weeks before the season begins.  Open registration will be posted on our website's homepage "Announcements" and on the Reader-Board near the CJH front entrance at 3725 Grandview Drive West.

    • CJH classes end at 2pm. 8th grade practices begins between 2:10-2:25 and end by 4:10pm, depending on the sport and coach communication with the athletes.

    • Intermediate classes end at 3:15pm.  6th and 7th grade athletes will ride a bus to CJH and their practices run between 3:30-4:40.

    • Tryouts are the first week of practice. 

    Activity Buses

    • Sports Activity buses are available for students who regularly ride the bus home after school. 

    • 8th grade athletes ride the buses at 4:10pm. 

    • 6th & 7th grade athletes ride the buses at 4:45pm. 

    • Coaches will give riders an Activity Bus Pass or walk the group to the buses. 

    • Students must tell the bus drivers the address of their regular drop-off location.  The bus driver may direct students to ride a different activity bus with the correct route for their drop-off location. 

If you have questions about CJH Athletics, please contact Emilie Walsh-Stender at [email protected]