22-23 Sports Seasons

8th Grade Sports Seasons at CJH 

Fall Season  ~  8th Grade Practice begins 8/30/22
                        6th & 7th Grade Practice begins 8/31/22
                         Online Registration open 8/9 - 9/9

  • Girls & Boys Track & Field (6th, 7th, & 8th grade)

  • Girls Fastpitch (8th grade)

  • Boys Baseball (8th grade)

Winter I Season  ~  Practice begins 10/31/22
                                 Online Registration open 10/3 - 11/4

  • Boys Basketball (8th grade)

  • Girls Soccer (6th, 7th, & 8th grade)

Winter II Season  ~  Practice begins 1/9/23*
                                  Online Registration open 12/12 - 1/13*

  • Wrestling (6th, 7th, & 8th grade)

  • Girls Basketball (8th grade)            *Winter II Dates were adjusted 11/10/22

Spring Season  ~  Practice begins 3/20/23
                              Online Registration open 2/27 - 3/24

  • Football  (7th & 8th grade)

  • Girls & Boys Cross Country (6th, 7th, & 8th grade)

  • Girls Volleyball (8th grade)

  • Girls & Boys Tennis  (8th grade)

Regular Season Information

  • Interest meetings are held 1 month before the season begins.  Upcoming meetings will be mentioned during the daily announcements in 5th period classes.  

  • Online Registration for each season will open 3 weeks before the season begins.  Open registration will be posted on our website's homepage "Announcements" and on the Reader-Board near the CJH front entrance at 3725 Grandview Drive West.

  • CJH classes end at 2pm. 8th grade practices begins between 2:10-2:25 and end by 4:10pm, depending on the sport and coach communication with the athletes.

  • Intermediate classes end at 3:15pm.  6th and 7th grade athletes will ride a bus to CJH and their practices run between 3:30-4:40.

  • The first week of practice is for tryouts.

Activity Buses

  • Sports Activity buses are available for students who regularly ride the bus home after school. 

  • 8th grade athletes ride the buses at 4:10pm. 

  • 6th & 7th grade athletes ride the buses at 4:45pm. 

  • Coaches will give riders an Activity Bus Pass or walk the group to the buses. 

  • Students must tell the bus drivers the address of their regular drop-off location.  The bus driver may direct students to ride a different activity bus with the correct route for their drop-off location.