ASB funds many activities at Curtis Junior High, including:

  • Clubs: Transportation, equipment, promotional materials, etc. ASB is the governing body of CJH clubs, approving the inception and purchases of all clubs.

  • Honor Society: Induction, end of the year picnic, etc.

  • Athletics: Uniforms, officials, equipment, transportation, tournament fees, etc.

  • Band, Choir and Orchestra: Transportation and entrance fees to contests and festivals

  • Activities: Dances, assemblies (including guest speakers), Ninth Grade Games, Achievement Breakfast, Student Council, etc.

CJH ASB serves the students of Curtis Junior High in many ways. Traditions for ASB include planning the annual December and February dances. ASB is also responsible for hosting two spirit weeks a year. In March, ASB hosts the Achievement Breakfast for students who have excelled in the classroom and in other arenas at CJH. The Ninth Grade Games take place on the last day of school and are sponsored by ASB.

Service to our school and community is important to us, and there are numerous fundraisers that take place every year for the ASB fund and for outside groups such as the Families Unlimited Network (FUN) in University Place, the American Heart Association, Red Cross (for Hurricane Ike, Haiti earthquake, and Hurricane Sandy relief) and World Vision (for Hurricane Katrina and Tsunami relief).


If you are interested in becoming an ASB officer, listen for announcements in November and February. All officers must be part of the leadership class. ASB officers also attend Columbia Leadership Camp in August, where they gain leadership skills and tools for effective assemblies and activity planning.

--> 2015 Elections for 8th graders (will need a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, AND 5 Senators for 2015-2016) in April

--> 2015 Elections for 9th graders (need a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer for CHS for 2015-2016) in April