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Arena Conferencing at CJH ~ Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Posted Date: 11/01/23 (3:31 PM)

All CJH parents and guardians are invited to attend
Arena Conferencing is an optional event for parents who wish to speak briefly with specific teachers about their student’s progress. CJH teachers, counselors, and specialists will be available to meet with parents/guardians in our Gym. Conferences last between three and five minutes. We encourage you to review online grades through Family Access and prepare questions for teachers prior to the conferencing event. If your student is having success in all courses, you may not need to visit us at Arena Conferencing. 
Bring this sheet with you to Arena Conferences. Once you arrive in the Gym, follow these tips:
  • Prioritize the list of teachers you would like to meet with. You may visit teachers in any order you choose.
  • If the teacher has a long waiting line, look for other teachers on your student’s schedule who are available for conferencing.
  • Please limit your conferences with teachers to three to five minutes. If additional conference time is necessary, please schedule a time for an individual conference with the teacher.
In order to support our UPSD families, CHS conferences will also be held on Wednesday, November 8th from 3:00 - 6:00 PM in the CHS Gymnasiums.  If you have students at both schools you can attend both conferences on the same day and walk between the campuses. 
If you would like to use interpreter services during arena conferences, please submit your request by completing this Google Form or message the CJH Office Coordinator, Emilie Walsh-Stender through this app.