Attendance Information

Schools are required to take daily attendance for students both in a remote learning setting as well as an in-person setting. The information below outlines criteria for attendance for both in-person and remote learning for the 2020-2021 school year.

Remote-learning classes will run from 9am-2pm. Teachers will have open office hours from 2:10-2:40pm.

“In-person learning” is when instructional activity is planned and delivered under the supervision of school district staff and on school grounds. A student is absent from in-person learning when the student is:
           (a) Not physically present on school grounds; and
           (b) Not participating in the following activities at an approved location during a scheduled in-person
                           learning day:
                     (i) Instruction;
                     (ii) Any instruction-related activity; or
                     (iii) Any other district- or school-approved activity that is regulated by an instructional/academic
                            accountability system, such as participation in district sponsored sports.
           A full day absence from in-person learning is when a student is absent for fifty percent or more of their scheduled day.

“Remote learning” is when daily learning activities are delivered through remote learning modalities including, but not limited to, distance learning, hybrid classrooms, rotating schedules, and other methods that allow for the delivery of basic education services during the COVID-19 epidemic. Remote learning activities may be synchronous or asynchronous. A student is absent from remote learning when the student is not participating in planned instructional activities on a scheduled remote learning day. Evidence of student participation in remote learning may include, but is not limited to:
           (a) Daily logins to learning management systems (i.e. Google Classroom and Google Meet)
           (b) Daily interactions with the teacher to acknowledge attendance (including messages, emails, phone calls or video chats); 
           (c) Evidence of participation in a task or assignment.

Attendance will be taken each class each day during a virtual Google Meet. Student presence is determined by students being present for their virtual instruction that is scheduled at a designated time in their schedule. Attendance will be recorded for parents to view in Family Access.

If students are not able to attend the live Google Meet, they will be provided with additional time to complete their assigned work. If there are significant conflicts with the live Google Meet times for a student, we encourage their parent/guardian to contact their school designee, school counselor, or assistant principal to develop a plan.

As in previous years, there are times when students need to be absent from class due to illness or other reasons. Parents can excuse their student’s absence either by submitting the reason for the absence into Family Access or calling their student’s school.

Please call the CJH Attendance Office at 566-5618, or email our attendance secretary, Tammy Bacon, at