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Curtis Junior High Daily Bulletin

Monday - November 21st, 2022

Today’s Events

Girls Soccer with John Sedgwick - Varsity and JV @ 3:30pm Boys Basketball with John Sedgwick - Varsity @ 3:30pm and JV 5:15pm

Tomorrow’s Events

Gaming Club after school in room 215 Girls Soccer with Mountain View - Varsity and JV @ 3:30pm

Boys Basketball at Mountain View - Varsity @ 3:30pm and JV @5:00pm - player dismissal at 1:15pm


November is Native American Heritage Month

An Indian Reservation is a section of land the U.S. government drew up and forced tribes to live on in the 1800s. Tribes signed treaties (against their will) giving up millions of acres of land in exchange for being able to keep certain rights and traditions. Today reservations are sovereign lands – meaning each tribe controls their own reservation; NOT the local, state, or federal governments. Today over 70% of Native people live off reservations.

Do you like to play Chess or want to learn how?  Starting Wednesday, November 30th there will be Chess Club after school in room 225.  The club will run from 2:10 to 3:00pm every Wednesday.  

Coming next week is our very own Giving Cougar! From November 28th to December 9th there will be a gift drive for kids in need of extra holiday spirit in collaboration with the Tacoma Rescue Mission. Make sure to look for the gift tags posted on Mrs.Cavelti’s student accounts window next week where you will see gift tags with specific gifts for kids in need that they have requested for the holiday season. Once you purchase a gift, bring it to the leadership room, room 118, to turn it in. Thank you so much and feel free to ask Emma Nelson or Paige Roberts from your leadership class for more information!

LEADERSHIP PRESENTS...the first in a new podcast series--the CJH Cougar PAWcast. Go to your Classwide Google Classroom and give it a listen to learn about
current events and happenings at CJH and beyond. When you are done, please complete the poll about what you listened to. Results will be presented at the next PaWCast.

Curtis High School Today’s Events National Letter of Intent Signing Day – Main Gym 4:45

G Bowling w/Puyallup @ Daffodil 3:15 Dis 1:30