Bullying Prevention Month

Bullying Prevention Month

The month of October is “Bullying Prevention Month.” Today, we are sharing a few bullying prevention and awareness facts to kick off the month and to communicate our desire to continue to build a safe and supportive environment at CJH.


·       Bullying in any form is unacceptable. Every CJH student and staff member has the right to feel safe and supported.

·       Bullying negatively affects witnesses, targets, and even the bullies themselves.

·       Silence is not an acceptable response to bullying. Ignoring it does not work. Everyone needs to be empowered to take action when they see or suspect bullying.

·       There are many ways that students and staff members can intervene when they know or suspect bullying is taking place.

·       Students can be especially effective in bullying intervention. Research shows that most bullying situations will stop when a peer intervenes.

·       Every person’s action matter, we all have a role to play. This month and always, help us create a world without bullying by uniting for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.


Additional information can be found at pacer.org/bullying