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Athletics Seasons at CJH

24-25 CJH Sports Seasons ~ 6/7/8 Grade 

Fall Season 

Registration:  Aug 6 -  Sept 6, 2024

Season Begins Tues, Sept 3, 2024

Boys Baseball (8th grade)

Girls Fast Pitch (8th grade)

Track & Field (6-8th grade)



Winter I Season 

Registration:  Sept. 30, 2024 -  Nov 1, 2024

Season Begins Mon, Oct 28, 2024

Boys Basketball (8th grade)

Girls Soccer (6-8th grade)


Winter II Season 

Registration: Dec 9, 2024 - Jan 10, 2025

Season Begins Wed, Jan 6, 2025

Girls Basketball (8th grade)

Wrestling (6-8th grade)


Spring Season 

Registration:  Feb 24, 2025 -  Mar 28, 2025

Season Begins Mon, Mar 24, 2025

Cross Country (6-8th grade)

Football (7-8th grade)

Girls Volleyball (8th grade)


9th grade students participate in Curtis High School Athletics.


 24-25 CHS Sports Seasons  ~  9-12 Grade

Updated Info coming soon...


Curtis High School Website Athletics Homepage

CHS Head Coach Contacts & Team Google Classroom Codes

Just A Game Livestream Link

CHS Viking Nation YouTube Channel

If you have questions about CJH Athletics, please contact Emilie Walsh-Stender:

If you have questions about CHS Athletics, please contact Shelly Nyegaard: