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Honors Program

Honors Program

Honors Courses are offered at both 8th and 9th grades in Science, Social Studies and English. Students interested in taking Honors courses should speak with their counselor.

Each student is required to submit a yearly Honors Application to their counselor to be considered for the program. Students must include their name and the specific courses they wish to take in the Honors program.

7th graders wishing to take Honors courses in 8th grade must fill out an Honors Application at the time of registration in March and return the form with their registration materials.

For students currently enrolled in UPSD, existing scores on achievement tests, grades and teacher recommendation will be used to guide student placement. No additional testing is required for Honors Placement for current UPSD students. Non-UPSD students will be asked to take the GMADE and Gates tests for math and reading prior to placement.