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Sarah Viafore

(253) 566-5670

This year's Journalism Class staff includes:

Editor in Chief:

Jay P.

Assistant Editor in Chief:

Gracie M.

Design Editor:

Anari G.

Photo Manager/Editor:

Bella C.

Copy Editors:

Ryan G.

Charlotte G..

Equipment Manager:

Max B.

Scheduling Managers:

Kyden M.

Piper K.


Typewriter with Journalism spelt out in front of it

 The Journalism class will be responsible for publishing the Curtis Junior High Yearbook and newspaper.    Students who actively participate will gain experience in the areas of marketing, design, photography, team concepts, and organization that are necessary to produce the quality publications which have historical importance to Curtis Junior High.


In Junior High Journalism, we produce publications for documenting the school year.  These include the “Tecumseh” yearbook and the “Paw Prints” newspaper for the students of CJH.  Journalism class will consist of lessons on layout and design, how to plan a yearbook and newspaper, taking publishing quality photos and how to manage photos digitally, writing a newspaper article, conducting a productive interview, and layouts including proofing those layouts. In addition, the journalism class will be expected to participate in the organization and distribution of the book and newspapers.  


Yearbook spelt out in wood letters

9th Grade Shout Outs are available to purchase now.

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Yearbooks may be pre-ordered between January 6 and February 10.
They will be on sale again from May 4 through the end of the school year.