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6th, 7th & 8th Grade

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Athletics


 CJH Athletic Registration-


Students may NOT participate in any sport until: 

  1.   Online Registration is completed for the selected sport.

  2.   A current sports physical is uploaded – Review and clearance is not immediate!


  3.   Students have clicked on the email link, created their FinalForms password, read and signed all forms

  4.   All student fines are paid

  5.   A $25 CJH ASB must be purchase before the first game or competition

CURRENT SPORTS PHYSICAL:  Most sports physicals are valid for 2 years.

A valid sports physical must show the following:
  1.  Student's full name
  2.  Doctor has cleared the student for full participation in Athletics/physical activity
  3.  Exam Date
  4.  Doctor's Signature

Most doctors have their own form, but here is a link to our Generic Sports Physical Form, if needed. 


$25 ASB sticker:  To purchase an ASB through InTouch Receipting, use this Touchbase link-

   Step by Step Instructions to purchase your ASB:

  1. Log in to Touchbase (InTouch Receipting)
    • DO NOT CREATE A GUEST ACCOUNT – this will not be connected to your student and you will not be able to access certain items for purchase.  If you have never logged in, click on the “First Time User.”  If you have used Touchbase to pay fines or fees before, click on “Returning User.”
    • Use the same Log-in/User Id you use for Skyward/Family Access – This will connect the payment to your student.
    • All students within your family should be listed. If not, please contact the missing student's school.
  2. Click on the student's name link- If you do not select your student’s name, the ASB will not be applied to their account.
  3. If an open fine or fee exists, a red message will appear. This must be paid as well.
  4. To find the $25 CJH ASB:
    • Shop > Click  “Items At All Schools, District & Aquatic”
    • In the “School Type” Row, Click “Junior High”
    • In the “School” Row, Click “Curtis Junior High”
    • In the “Categories” Row, Click “Select Here to Purchase CJH Items”
    • You will see a red-outlined cougar image.  This is the $25 ASB -CJH. Click “Buy”
    • Students who receive Free/Reduced lunches may see a $0 charge or a reduced price.  Proceed through checkout so that the ASB is applied to your child’s account.
    • If your student receives Free/Reduced price lunches and you DO NOT see $0 charge or reduced price, please complete the “Consent to Share” form and email to When Nutrition Services has received this form, your student’s fees will be reduced.  (Please allow 24-48 hours for processing.)
    • Click the “Checkout” by the cart Icon, then the blue “Checkout” button at the bottom of the “Your Cart” screen
    • Enter your Credit Card information and Click the blue “Pay Now” button at the bottom of the screen
    • You can print or export your receipt.


 Regular Season Information 

  • During the school year, interest meetings are usually held 1-2 weeks before the season begins.  Upcoming meetings will be mentioned during the daily announcements in 5th period classes. (The Daily Bulletin is posted our website by 1:30 each day if you would like to see what is announced to students.) 
  • Online Registration for each season will open 3 weeks before the season begins.  Open registration will be posted on our website's homepage "Announcements" and on the Reader-Board near the CJH front entrance at 3725 Grandview Drive West.
  • Athletes: Your coach is the best resource for information about practices, eligibility, locations and times to meet for games, and early-release times to catch buses for away games.  Please listen carefully to your coaches and share this information with your parents/guardians.
  • Practice is everyday after school unless there is a game/meet OR the coach has communicated a different plan to the athletes.
  • CJH classes end at 2pm. 8th grade practices begins between 2:10-2:25 and end by 4:10pm, depending on the sport and coach communication with the athletes.
  • Intermediate classes end at 3:15pm.  6th and 7th grade athletes will ride a bus to CJH and their practices run between 3:30-4:40.
  • Sports with limited positions are offered to 8th grade athletes only.  Tryouts take place the first week of practice.
  • Non-cut sports are offered to 6th, 7th, & 8th grade students attending NVI, Drum, & CJH.

 Activity Buses 

  • Sports Activity buses are available for students who regularly ride the bus home after school. 
  • 8th grade athletes ride the buses at 4:10pm. 
  • 6th & 7th grade athletes ride the buses at 4:45pm. 
  • Coaches will give riders an Activity Bus Pass or walk the group to the buses. 
  • Students must tell the bus drivers the address of their regular drop-off location.  The bus driver may direct students to ride a different activity bus with the correct route for their drop-off location. 


 Intermediate athletes and families should reach out to Athletic Coordinators at their school if they have questions. 

Drum Intermediate Athletic Coordinator Greg Fisher:

Narrows View Intermediate Athletic Coordinator Lori Spivey:

If you have general questions about CJH Athletics & Registration, please contact

Emilie Walsh-Stender: