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Daily Bulletin

Daily Bulletin

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These announcements are read at the beginning of 5th period & this page will be updated by 1pm daily.


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Curtis Junior High Daily Bulletin

Monday, October 2, 2023


Today’s Events


Tomorrow’s Events 

Art Club in Room 104



Last weekend was the John Pyne CROSS COUNTRY Invitational at Chambers Bay and there were many outstanding performances from Curtis athletes.  The meets featured over 100 teams and races in 11 divisions. The VIKINGS displayed confidence as they showed progress toward season goals in performance, ability to compete, support OF team mates, and the ability and desire to race  to both personal and team goals. A BIG THANK YOU TO STUDENTS  AND STAFF WHO HELPED WITH THE MEET OR CAME OUT TO SUPPORT THE VIKING TEAMS IN OUR PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE.



Empathy Week

Leadership will kick off Empathy Week. During empathy week, we’ll work to build a strong CJH Community with challenges related to the Cougar Code. On Friday, we will have an assembly to help us understand and become more empathetic to each other, making us better members of our CJH community. Monday’s challenge will be about responsibility. We challenge you to be responsible to others by holding a door for someone, picking up garbage and throwing it away, and pushing your chairs in, for example. If you take on this challenge, please visit your Grade Level Google Classroom and share what actions you took in the Google Form posted there.


9th graders may earn volunteer hours by helping at the CJH Track Meets on October 10th & 17th.

If you would like to work at the Track Meets, talk to Ms Walsh-Stender in the office


Curtis High School Today’s Events 

B Tennis w/Graham Kapowsin 3:30 V Home JV Away JV Dis 1:30

C Team Football w/Bellamine 5:00

Volleyball w/Sumner C/JV 5:45 V 7:15

G C Team Soccer @ Emerald Ridge 5:40