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CJH Winter Dance ~ Friday Jan. 19 ~ 7-9pm

Posted Date: 1/08/24 (11:37 AM)

Students must attend school the day of the dance for three or more periods.
We expect that our dances will be comfortable and enjoyable for every student who attends.

 "Winter in the City" Dance Information 
  1. This dance is a ticketed event. Tickets are available for purchase January 12-18 online and January 17-18 during lunch at the Student Accounts Window. Tickets sold presale will be $2 with ASB and $4 without ASB. Tickets sold at the door will be $5.  Online tickets are available until 1/18 at noon using this link:
  2. Only current CJH students are allowed to attend CJH dances. Make sure you have your student ID with you. A photo of your ID can also be shown at the door using your phone.
  3. All school rules apply at dances, including dress code and behavior expectations outlined in our student handbook.
  4. Students should line-up between 6:50pm and 7:00pm outside the Commons at the set of doors nearest the stadium. Therefore, students may want to be dropped off in the back of the school by the courtyard and basketball hoop.
  5.  It is best to coordinate a pick up location at the front or back of the school before you depart from your ride. This will help when all students exit the building at 9:00pm.
  6. We discourage students from bringing backpacks, bags, purses, etc. and will not permit these items on the dance floor. A coat check will be made available at the start of the dance. Once items have been collected, it will then close until the conclusion of the dance. Students will not be permitted to access their items during the dance.
  7. Students arriving after 7:30pm will not be admitted to the dance. Again, students arriving after 7:30pm will not be admitted to the dance. Students may not leave the dance before 9:00pm and all students must be off campus by 9:15pm.
  8. Students must dance face to face and leave enough space so that dance supervisors can easily move through the dance floor.
  9. Students must refrain from inappropriately touching one another and/or using any inappropriate or sexual gestures.
  10. Students must move safely on the dance floor. Running, chasing, jumping on one another, etc. is not permitted.
Students in violation of dance expectations will have their parents/guardians contacted for early
pick up and will be subject to the corrective actions outlined in the student handbook.

 Dress Code 
Dance attire is “come as you are.” Semi-formal or formal dress is not required.
  1. Clothing and accessories with offensive or inappropriate words, messages, pictures or logos are not allowed.
  2. Clothing must cover undergarments.
  3. Hard-soled footwear must be worn at all times.
  4. Attire and accessories must not present health or safety issues.
  5. Attire and accessories must not pose a distraction or create a disruption to the school or learning environment.